Today in Tel Aviv, Israel – Milk Zombies riot in the streets!

Today, the 3rd of June 2014 at the Carmel Market in Tel Aviv, a provocative and artistic demo was held by 269life israel activists, lead by Magic Jack the famous french artist and animal liberation activist. The demo takes place within on the Shav’ot holiday, which has been corrupted by the milk industry to be called the “Milk Holliday” and is nowadays considered a celebration of consumption of milk products. We prepared a giant milk carton and placed it on the scene, and attached to it an actual cage that was used to cage actual, baby calves in the milk industry. The demo started as Magic Jack walked hand in hand with a female activists performing as a blindfolded girl, pushing a wooden cows doll’s body with an actual calf head we found in a slaughterhouse dumpster attached to it.
As they approached the gigantic milk carton the girl connects with the calf, and while she begins to understand he is a victim of milk consumption and sympathises with him, two Milk soldiers, under Magic Jack’s command tear her away from the calf, he is placed inside the cage and the girl is violently force fed milk (We used soy milk for the demo, of course). After smelling the milk, the Milk Zombies started, to sprout from inside the market. While they discover the giant milk carton the Milk Zombies started worshipping it, and Magic Jack interacted with the shocked audience in the street.

The milk industry is an industry of abuse,exploitation, torture and death of tens of thousands of cows and calves in Israel alone.
The zombie characters were specifically chosen as they symbolize a hungry mob that doesn’t let anything or anyone stand in its way.
This characteristic is equivalent to the ritual of milk theft which is based on violence and torture for no moral reason.

No one should stand idly by as long as atrocities such as the milk industry exist. Stop the torture – go vegan and free 269!


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